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Capitoline Museums:
The Oldest Museum in the World

Visit the oldest public museum in the world on this private tour of Rome’s Capitoline Museum. See the prized collection of ancient Roman statuary like the head of Constantine, the bronze of Marcus Aurelius, the Capitoline Wolf & more.

The Capitoline Museum is in the heart of the eternal city, located right next to city hall on Capitol Hill. It’s considered the oldest public museum in the world & not only is the building itself a work of art (the façade was designed by Michelangelo) it contains a truly special collection of ancient Roman works that you can enjoy without excessive crowds.

With marble floors, frescoed walls telling the story of the legends of Rome & painted ceilings, each room of the Capitoline would be worthy of a visit in & of itself not to mention the vast collection of statuary contained within its walls.


The original Capitoline Wolf, a symbol of the city for centuries, is here, as are the remains of the enormous marble statue of Constantine & the ancient bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius that stood in the Campidoglio piazza for centuries before being replaced by the copy that now stands outside in the elements. The Capitoline Venus is one of many statues of gods & emperors you’ll find here - even the ruins of the ancient temple of Jupiter Capitolinus are preserved in the museum's walls.

Finally, you’ll get access to the view from the first-century building known as the Tabularium right over the Roman Forum. For anyone interested in the history of Rome & seeing some of the most impressive examples of ancient art in a historic location – you can’t miss a visit to the Capitoline Museums.

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