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Bath of Diocletian & Palazzo Massimo

Go back in time & experience the luxury & beauty of everyday life in ancient Rome as you explore two off the beaten track places that will evoke ancient Roman culture like no other: The National Museum of Rome at the Palazzo Massimo & the Baths of Diocletian.


Palazzo Massimo is one of the most interesting & important museums of Rome. With its fair share of ancient statues of Roman emperors & impressive bronze works, it also preserves entire rooms of ancient Roman houses that were unearthed not far from the museum itself. You’ll discover intricate mosaic floors & the brightly frescoed walls of ancient bedrooms & dining rooms but without a doubt, the most beautiful room would have to be the painted walls of Empress Livia’s winter garden. The lush green walls & delicate frescoes of fruit & birds still transport the viewer out of an art museum & into a tranquil garden from another century.


The museum also houses famous ancient bronzes like The Boxer at Rest & The Hellenistic prince as well as marble statues of the Discobolus & emperor Augustus - all statues that would have decorated public spaces, lending an air of artistic beauty & drama to everyday life.


Across the road, you’ll enter the Baths of Emperor Diocletian, the largest public bathhouse constructed in Rome at the beginning of the 4th century. This is where the Romans would have spent a vast portion of their time not just bathing but meeting with friends, getting various spa treatments, working out & visiting the public libraries within. Spaces like this would have been decorated with statues like the ones preserved in the Palazzo Massimo making this combination visit a rich & fascinating experience for anyone interested in the ancient Roman world.

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