September 14, 2014
House Of Augustus And Livia Opens Again

— Starting September 17 the House of Augustus will be again open to public, after decades of restoration and 2,000 years half buried underground. Now, visitors of Rome can enter the house of Emperor Augustus and his third beloved wife Livia on the Palatine Hill!

It will be possible to see the private studio of the Emperor, the dining room, vestibules for guests and many frescoes newly restored in their original bright Pompeian colors. Built nearby the legendary hut of Romolo, the founder of Rome, the house of Augustus is a place with a lot of history but also one of the most refined examples of Roman pictorial decoration. The expressive style of the décor dates the rooms to the mid”second style,”  between the late first century BC and the first century AD.

House of Augustus

Augustus ruled actually between 27 BC until the year of his death, 41 years later, in 14 AD. He died on August 19—yes, the month of August takes his name from Augustus!—, precisely 2,000 years ago.

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