An Ancient Rome Private Tour

Have you ever wondered how the Roman engineers built the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater of the Roman world? Curious to know whether there were female gladiators and how the arena was flooded for extravagant mock sea battles? Looking forward to hearing about the rise and fall of Caesar, the glorious rule of Augustus, and the misdeeds of Nero, the man who "burnt down Rome"?

Explore the Colosseum, one of the most magnificent and fascinating amphitheaters in the world

Our private walking Tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill will show you everything you have always wanted to know about life in Ancient Rome! We will explore the inside the iconic Colosseum, walk through the remains of the Roman Forum, the heart of Ancient Rome where the powerful Senate used to gather, and explore the Palatine Hill, the place where l Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome were found and adopted by the she-wolf Lupa. The Colosseum, one of the world's most iconic buildings and a marvel of Roman architecture and engineering, still stands tall, nearly two thousand years after its completion. Measuring 620 by 513 feet (190 by 155 meters), the majestic amphitheater was commissioned in the 70 AD by Emperor Vespasian as a gift to the Roman people. Only ten years later, in 80 AD, his son Titus inaugurated the arena with 100 days of spectacular games. Throughout the four centuries of active use, over 500,000 gladiators and one million animals perished in the arena of this majestic structure. During our ancient Rome private tour, accompanied by one of our passionate guides, the tales of wild gladiator battles, cruel man vs. beast shows and spectacular mock sea-battles will spark your imagination and transport you back in time.

The Roman Forum is just one of the most incredible sites you will visit in Rome. Choose the right guide, trust the experience.

The Roman Forum is just one of the most incredible sites you will visit in Rome. Choose the right guide, trust the experience.


As soon as you step in the Roman Forum, you will enter a space that was once the stage where larger-than-life characters decided the course of history. During our ancient Rome private tour, a stroll along the Via Sacra, the ancient city's main road, paved and lined with colonnades by Nero, will serve as the backdrop for amazing tales of solemn religious festivals, military glory, and tales of triumph and decadence. The most important street in Rome was the space where the lower classes met the toga-wearing patricians and almighty emperors to cheer their deeds and misdeeds. The world's largest excavation site is today a genuine open-air museum featuring arches, ruins of temples, and churches dating from before the 5th century BC. The Via Nova, built by Nero, is where the fate of the Empire—and the world—was often decided by the Roman Senate. Along this street you will find the Temple of Julius Caesar, featuring the altar where Caesar's body was cremated and the Temple of Vesta, the edifice where the Vestal Virgins guarded the sacred flame. These are just a few of the attractions we will visit on this private Colosseum tour.

Couple talking a romantic walk at the Palatine Hill


As legend would have it, the Palatine Hill is where the she-wolf Lupa cared for the twins fathered by the war god Mars, Romulus and Remus, the founders of the city of Rome. The hill, one of Rome's seven, is the most ancient part of the city and has been inhabited since approximately 1000 BC. In Ancient Rome, the Palatine Hill was home to the most affluent and powerful families as well as important temples. The powerful Caesar and Rome's legendary emperors Augustus, Tiberius and Domitian all had their villas built here. Located just nearby, the Arch of Constantine marked the emperor’s triumph over the pagan world which led to Christianity becoming the Empire's official religion. Rightly considered the cradle of Rome, the Palatine Hill is still a place shrouded in mystery and myth. On this ancient Rome private tour, our knowledgeable guides will bring the stories and legendary characters to life and answer your questions as they arise. The private walking Tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill is designed to last 3 hours. We offer two tours per day, everyday: a morning tour starting at 8:30am and an afternoon tour starting at 1:30pm. The meeting place will be provided after booking.

The Roman Forum and the so-called Vittoriano.

The Roman Forum and the so-called Vittoriano.


All Entrance Fees are included in the price.
The FIXED PRICE intended for 2 PEOPLE regardless of their category (adult, student or child).

The additional price per person is as follows:
• Additional Adult (age 15+): € 45
• Additional Student (age 16-26 with ID): € 39
• Additional Child (age 7-14): € 21
• Additional Infant (age 0-6): € 0

Meeting Time: Every day at 8:30am or 1:30pm
Meeting Place: At a central location in Rome (Full details provided after booking)

*Please don’t forget to wear comfortable shoe. Bring a hat, sunscreen lotion, and water bottles that you will be able to refill in the fountains along the path.

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