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Image by Taylor Smith






Elisa, an archaeologist, expert tour guide & CEO, aims to curate experiences that put Italy’s exceptionalism front and centre from cultural heritage to local food & wine in order to offer tourists from all over the world a privileged look at a more authentic facet of Italy. We want to show you a side of the country that combines famous monuments but also the hidden places that might have been forgotten by tourists but are no less beautiful.

Our mission is to bring the essence of Italy into the journey of those who choose us, of those who believe that exploring a new land means breathing in its scents, knowing its traditions & experiencing its history through its monuments, landscapes & stories of the people who live there. Having a guided tour with Roma Experience means immersing yourself in this whirlwind of colours & history that is our peninsula & returning home with unique & indelible memories.

We want to see the wonder in your eyes as you fall in love with the places you are visiting, the smile on your face at the end of the day because you’ve had an unforgettable adventure, your laughter & delight thanks to Roma Experience.


Our company also finances non-profit activities to support children around the world & to implement projects focused on knowledge & respect for the Italian territory. We support activities of excellence in Italian tourism, culture, food & wine.

Exceptional customer service & attention to detail are what guide us to create unique travel experiences. We aim to provide individual & personal attention to our guests from the planning process to the tours themselves. For us, customers are not a number, we do not use call centres that answer your questions but rather the people who have created this company & who want to give you the best possible experience. We do not sell market strategies but a product that reflects our research, passion & love for the real Italy, one made up of people, history & charm. We are also extremely flexible, & we love to include customized itineraries to meet our customer's needs, so you can find the most satisfaction from your trip.​

We are proud to have a team of passionate, enthusiastic & exceptionally trained tour guides. Our guides are archaeologists, art historians & restorers who are also storytellers who love to create a connection with customers as they share their love for Italy. Our tour guides are professionals who are flexible to the needs of their guests & careful to direct the conversation towards all listeners, bringing to life the stories & events of the places visited.

All our guides are licensed with an official license issued by the Region of competence. Our sommeliers & food experts have obtained the highest awards from the Italian authorities to operate in their area of expertise. In addition to speaking English, our experts offer their skills in many other languages, such as Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic & many others.

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Via Oderisi da Gubbio 13/a

Rome, RM, Italy 00146

Tel: +39 349 532 9017

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