Espresso on the counter of a café in Rome

10 Best Cafés in Rome

from the team at Coffee Geek

Rome, a city with a rich historical heritage, is also known for great coffee culture. The city has a dazzling array of bars, as cafés and coffee shops are generally referred to. Italians prefer espresso and cappuccino over other varieties of coffee — many drink as five or more espressos in a day!

Check out our roundup of the 10 best cafés in Rome, in no particular order.


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Caffe Greco has a Renaissance-era charm to it which is recorded in the paintings and the decor, which will surely entice you…

Opened in the 1760s, it has had some popular thinkers, artists, and intellectuals like Mark Twain, Goethe, Stendhal and Casanova who have visited. You may have to shell out some extra Euros for coffee but the ambiance of the place is worth it.

86 Via Condotti; +39 06 679 1700


Bar del Cappuccino — the name says it all — is known for its Cappuccinos with an artistic touch. Owner and barman Luigi Santoro makes the best cappuccino downtown — tasty, fine, and pleasant to look at. Besides the usual hot coffees, this café also offers cold cappuccino options during warmer days.

50 Via Arenula; +39 06 6880 6042



Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe is an ideal representation of one of the best cafés in Rome and has been serving Romans since 1938. The café is popular among visitors too, as it’s about two blocks from the Pantheon. There are seats out front too.

If you want a late night coffee in Rome, this is the place; it’s open every day until 1 am. However, they do charge more if you are seated as compared to ordering over the counter. The Sant’Eustachio’s super secret recipe is roasted in the back of the store over a wood-burning stove that’s been functional since 1948.

82 Piazza Sant-Eustacchio; +39 06 688 02048


Sciascia Café is a centuries-old café with casual charm and retro looks.  The café’s old fashioned look is lifted with burnished wooden paneling, period artwork, and vintage machines. Sciascia’s close proximity to the Vatican makes it an even more compelling spot to grab a cup of coffee. Their signature coffee is a punchy espresso served in a porcelain cup lined with melted dark chocolate.

Via Fabio Massimo 80/a; + 39 063211580


La Casa Del Caffe Tazza D’Oro’s location and ambiance certainly set it apart from other cafés in the city. The café is situated across from the historic Pantheon. Tazza D’Oro roasts its own coffee and even ships it abroad to other countries. Tracing its roots to its establishment in 1946, you can go for espresso or cappuccino, but certainly must try the renowned granita al caffè, a frosty-slushy coffee served with whipped cream.

84 Via degli Orfani; +39 06 678 9792


Canova Tadolini is a definite stop for art lovers who want to enjoy amazing coffee as they gaze at beautiful artworks. Canova Tandolini is a museum-bar, which was originally the workshop and studio of Neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova. Guests can wander through the plaster casts made by ace stone carvers Antonio Canova and Giulio Tadolini, while enjoying amazing coffee and tasty cakes.

150A/B Via del Babuino; +39 06 321 10702


Giolitti’s famed customer list qualifies it as one of the best places to have coffee in Rome. This café’s history goes back to 1890 when it served its creations to the Italian royal family. The café is nicknamed the “second parliament”, since on any given day you may bump into politicians, including the Prime Minister of Italy. Famous personalities in the past, like Pope John Paul II, and presently, Sharon Stone and the daughters of former US President Barack Obama, are on its customer list. This café is also known all over the world for its award-winning gelato. The espresso tastes even better after a gelato or two.

40 Via Uffici del Vicario; +39 06 699 1243


Farro, established in 2016, is a recent entry into the coffee scene at Rome. The café claims itself to be Rome’s first specialty coffee shop. Unlike other traditional cafés in Rome, it has a contemporary ambiance with a spacious sitting area and natural light illuminating the café. The house blend comes from Italy-based Gardelli. You can actually go through an educational quest as the staff and the baristas share knowledge of coffee production process. Faro also offers a kind of tasting menu of single-origin coffees accompanied with descriptions of the flavor notes.

55 Via Piave; +39 06 4281 5714


The Roscioli family is one of the premier names in the food industry in Rome, who have a restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, a wine school and a café in the heart of the city. Roscioli Café uses Arabic beans from Torrefazione Giamaica Caffè, an artisanal roaster based in Verona. Their baristas use brewing techniques that are not common among Romans, like, pour-over and siphon. The café has got a variety of traditional sweets as well including its famous cream-filled bun Maritozzo that go well with espresso all day.

16 Piazza Benedetto Cairoli; +39 06 8916 5330 


Tram Depot, housed in a vintage tram carriage, is located in Rome’s trendy Testaccio district. The café runs seasonally from April through October and offers a selection of coffee from Parma-based Lady Café. The tram carriage has been remodeled to serve coffee during the day time. You can drink cocktails during the nights and until the wee hours. Apart from a range of coffees, including siphon and dripper varieties, the café also serves fresh juices, smoothies, pastries, and sandwiches.

13 Via Marmorata; +39 06 575 4406

There is a lot of coffee in Rome, but don’t settle for anything but the best cafés in Rome. To get your caffeine fix in style, put these ten cafés on your must-visit list.