Seek Out The Perfect Cup Of Coffee On Your Trip To Rome

The Italian love affair with coffee is an enduring one. While the black stuff first arrived through the Republic of Venice in the 1600s, coffee is a passion which has spread across the Italian peninsular, transforming into a slightly different experience in each city…. READ MORE

Off The Beaten Path Rome Tours: Exploring Testaccio

When in Rome make sure you visit the little known neighborhood of Testaccio. It is still an authentic not-so touristy area where you can find great food and great people.

3 Great Places to Eat Around the Vatican

Say it softly, but the area around the Vatican hasn’t always been associated with eating well in Rome. Home to plenty of tourist traps, thankfully today there are plenty of options for good value, tasty, authentic food, even with a view of St. Peter’s Dome… READ MORE